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Mini Embroidery Display Hoop by Dandelyne - 5.5cm

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Make your own miniature embroidery masterpieces! Embroider your own design on these fabulous little mini hoops. We have found these miniature Dandelyne hoops to be the best quality and most robust on the market.

Please note that these mini hoops are for display only and you will require a small embroidery hoop to stretch the fabric in order to stitch your design.


  • a miniature 5.5cm / 2.2” embroidery hoop

  • screw and 2 bolts

  • centre plate


  • a design that inspires you

  • 3" or 4” embroidery hoop for stitching

  • base fabric

  • sharp needle

  • floss/embroidery thread

  • hot glue gun OR super strong glue