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Makers Keep by Coco Knits - Magnetic Bracelet for Sewing and Craft

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As seen on The Great British Sewing Bee…. we spotted a few of the contestants wearing these on the Bee this year!!

So cute and comfy to wear, keep all of your metal sewing and embroidery accessories close at hand and hopefully off the floor where you can stand on them!! If you are constantly searching around for that pin when you need it or are forever holding them in your teeth -this is your new best friend!

Great for sewing to keep pins and needles easily accessible.

Embroiderers- keep needles and small embroidery scissors.

Knitters - Stitch counters will always be at hand!!

Jewellery makers - metal clips and fastenings.

Also great for hairdressers to keep hair pins and clips, clothing stylists and fashion designers for when you need that pin or DIY enthusiasts to keep nails and screws handy.

On the inside of the strap there is also a measuring tool for both CM and Inches.

The bracelet measures 10×0.75 inches and the magnet measures 1.5×1.5 inches