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Monks Cloth For Punch Needle

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Monks cloth is a special type of fabric that is loosely woven with defined gaps in a square grid. Monks cloth for punch needling is different to some other monk’s cloths sold and used in other crafts, so you need to be careful to get the right one.

Our Monks cloth is specially designed for punch needling and makes punch needling projects a breeze. It has white lines running through it so that you can make sure your fabric is straight when stretching.

Monk’s cloth is great for beginners as it is soft and easy to work with and you can use the grid to guide your stitches.  The cloth itself is not that pretty, so it is best used in projects where you are going to punch over all of the fabric. If you only want to punch part of the fabric we reccommend useing our linen fabrics.

Fabric is sold either by half metre or full metre and if more than one is ordered it will be cut as one continuous length. 

Technical specifications

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • 152 cm/60" wide
  • 12 holes per inch approx.

The following needles will work with this fabric:

  • Lavor 5.5mm punch needle
  • Lavor 4 mm punch needle
  • Lavor Fine punch needle 
  • Oxford regular punch needle 
  • Oxford fine Punch needle