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Oxford Punch Needle - Regular #10 Boxed or Unboxed

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A beautiful tool that is very sturdy and well made The Oxford Punch needle is the punch needle of choice for many punch needle enthusiasts. With a well crafted wooden handle and steel tip this punch needle is built to last.

The needle features a channel in the handle for easy threading of the yarn,  removing the need for a wire threader.

Oxford punch needles are not adjustable but come in many different tip lengths and widths to suit different yarn thicknesses and to create different loop lengths.

As we know it can be tricky to know which needle to select for which yarn and fabric, we have simplified our offering to our go-to needles of choice and the ones that most books and patterns will call for. 

In the regular tip size we offer the Oxford #10. This produces a 1/4" or 6mm sized loop when punching and is suitable for chunky rug wool and chunky or super chunky yarns.  We would recommend rug wool as it is tough and hard wearing and has a course texture which holds into the fabric well. You can find our selection of colours here.

The regular #10 is a great all round needle for cushions, rugs and wall hangings and the only needle you really need if you use rug wool for your projects.

Technical Specifications

  • Hand-turned maple handle
  • Made in the USA
  • Stainless steel needle
  • Designed by Amy Oxford - Punch Needle expert
  • Handle length 10cm/4"
  • Boxed needle comes with a box, stitch gauge card and 'The Oxford Punch Needle handbook. Box L15.5cm x H5cm x W5.5cm