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Wooden Frame for Punch Needle

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Frame Size

A wooden frame for punch needle that can be re-used over and over again for many projects.

This frame comes as four pieces that slot together tightly at the corners to create a frame which can be disassembled when not in use for easy storage.

The wooden frames are manufactured in the UK using European Redwood which is sustainably sourced providing FSC & PEFC forestry certifications. 

You will need to stretch your punch needle foundation fabric tightly over the frame using a staple gun or drawing pins. you can remove your project when you have finished punching to re-use the frame, or leave it and display in the frame for a wall hanging.

You can punch needle any shape within the inner punching area, so the frame does not need to be the exact size of your finished project, the working area just needs to be bigger than the area that you want to punch. 

Frame sizes:

  • 16"/ 41cm square -  Inner punching area 12.5"/ 32cm square
  • 22"/ 55cm square - Inner punching area 18.5"/ 47cm square
  • 16"x 22"/41x55cm rectangle - Inner punching area 12.5" x 18.8"/ 32cmx47cm

Technical specifications:

  • Thickness of wooden frame: 18mm 
  • Width of each bar: 42mm 
  • European redwood FSC & PEFC Certified
  • Manufactured in the UK