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How to separate embroidery thread without getting in a tangle

When you are new to embroidery one of the most frustrating things before you have even started to stitch is getting your thread in a knot. We've all been there believe me!

I'm going to show you some quick and easy tips to get you stitching sooner and avoid those dreaded tangled floss incidents we all want to avoid.

The two main points that you can get in a tangle when you are a beginner are:

1. When you are pulling your thread from a whole skien

2. When you are trying to separate strands in order to work with them. (A lot of patterns will call for a certain amount of strands to be used when stitching, from very fine stitching with one strand to chunky stitching with all six)

In this video i show you how to avoid the simple mistakes that can lead to hours of pain trying to untangle threads that every beginner to embroidery needs to know!




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